America’s Dark Hearts in the Workplace

Once again the blatant and ugliness is racism occurred today at my workplace.

Secret Santa gift giving gone racist rogue.

A coward who I share a workplace with had enough nerve to buy me racist Megan Kelly’s book. The former Fox News reporter with a long history of racism and using her platform to express her racist views. From Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland to her most recent racist remarks in NBC Today Show. This Person at my job felt the need to express their racism to me.

My Co-worker who gave me this gift so cowardly, (Did not write their name), I will say this.

One day I hope the hate that is filled in your heart this joyous Christmas Eve will one day heal. One day, I hope your racism and jealousy of me as a Black Woman ends.  I hope you reveal your identity so me and you can have a conversation about your dark heart filled with racism.

Your act of racism this Christmas playing Secret Santa at work was bold, it was hurtful and it was enlightening. I thank you for letting me know how this Black, successful educated woman bother you soo much that during a time we suppose to good to each other you made a choice to display your racism and hate towards me because of my skin color.

I hope one day, when my children become adults they will never experience this hate, this racism I am experiencing today, the same racism that drove my Mom out of South Carolina during the great migration during the 1950s to New York and I hope America’s dark heart heals. I hope for a workplace that shows equality, zero racism and kindness towards co-workers. One day I know this racism will die and be gone from Society forever.

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