Never Forget September 11th 2001

I will never forget this beautiful Tuesday morning on September 11th, 2001. My office, located at 250 Broadway shook like an earthquake hit Manhattan. First Radio and the News reports stated a small one engine plane hit the Towers. People on the streets were saying they saw an airplane. We were in the office and I remember calling home and asking my nephew to turn on the news to see whats going on, then Booooom, all the windows shattered in my office buiding and the phones went dead. Me and my co workers left our breakfast grabbed our bags and ran down 7 flights of stairs and onto Broadway, right across from City Hall. I knew NYC was under attack. I was soo scared but went into survival mode! I told myself, “You are not gonna die today”! I remember Broadway was flooded with a sea of Federal Agents when we reached outside of 250 Broadway. The FBI Agents screaming at the crowds of People, “FBI…Keep heading North….Keep moving North People, Head North”! I remember seeing the strength in their eyes and telling all the people who at this time left their offices and businesses to Head North up Broadway. Me and my 3 co-workers stook together and started running North until we were out of breath. I remember heading to the West Side highway and walking North because at least we could jump into the Hudson if more building in Lower Manhattan were under attack. I remember seeing the Fighter Jets from the Military in the sky making a protected barrier around NYC. I remember People jumping from the Twin Towers, it was horrible. Finally, we reached Union Square and the first Twin Tower collapsed! We were frozen and I started crying. This day so many People lost their life. I pray everyday for those lost Souls. I also Pray for the countless Law Enforcement Agencies & Firemen who on that day evacuated maybe a million plus People from lower Manhattan. Thats the legacy they built and I pray nobody disrespect that legacy when they take that oath to serve the Communities they work in. I pray for my country and I know and I will never forget 911. God Bless America 😢 I finally walked across the 59th Street Bridge and my boyfriend was standing on top of his car in Queens Plaza and when saw him I was overcome with soo much emotion as I made my way towards him thru the sea of New Yorkers exiting Manhattan! I could see the smoke still in the air where the Twin Towers stood. He finally seen me and started running towards me and I just collapsed in his arms and cried. Both of Us cried all the way home. I will never forget and til this day I still cry, 19 years after this horrific tragedy. God bless America and pray for all those who did not make it home this day!

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