Fixing Emotions

Today, I been up since 3am. I haven’t been sleeping well at all this past week. I got up showered and got dressed. I went and read my Bible seeking the comfort and peace I once had. Reading the Book of Psalms and seeking direction to deal with my emotions. My entire life I was taught to keep calm and control my emotions. I grew up in a military family and structure and controlling your emotions was important to my Parents. But now that I’m older, I lost this discipline nowadays. I went through a very traumatic incident and since I have not need able to control my emotions! I experience crying to becoming anger asking over and over again, why me? dealing with any type of trauma can alter a person. For me, I’m trying to grasp the basics my Parents instilled in me to be able to cope better and move on from this horrific experience in my life at this moment. I experienced living through 911 and January 6th and I’m confident I will get thru this. Learning and coping about my emotions is forever changing. I will keep positive and stop worrying about things that hasn’t happened yet, and live my best life.

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