Stew Fish with rice & peas

Stew Fish and rice and peas

Delicious stew fish with rice and peas and cabbage. I used red snapper and had it sliced into three parts at the market.

Ingredients: 4 Red Snapper (adjust according to your family size, dried brown pigeon peas, fresh thyme, green, red and yellow peppers, large yellow onion, garlic, green onion (scallion). Whole cabbage and carrots. 2 limes

Seasoning: adobo, black pepper, onion and garlic powder (granulated), lemon pepper, browning sauce, 1 1/2 cup water, Heinz Ketchup, whole lemon, all spice whole, vegetable oil, olive oil, salt, butter and coconut milk

Wash fish with lime and pat dry with paper towels. Season fish. Sit to side.

4 cups water, 4 cups jasmine rice and coconut milk. In pot table spoon olive oil, thyme garlic, water, all spice (whole) coconut milk, salt, peas and bring to boil. Add Rice. Reduce heat and cover. Cook until rice is tender. Stir with fork once done.

Place oil in skillets for heat. Fry fish on both sides until brown! Like 5 minutes on each side depending on heat. Set aside. Add vegetables, season with spices the vegetables and sauté. Add fish to skillet (use a deep skillet) mix water, browning sauce and ketchup and pour over fish! Squeeze half lemon juice over fish and add butter! Cover cook for like 10 minutes watch liquid to reduce down.

Prepare cabbage in pot add carrots and seasoning. Let cabbage cook until tender.


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