Reconnection To My Life

It’s been a very long time I took time out of my day to just write, Today, I felt the need to reconnect to my writing. This period of my life has face many challenges in the last few months. My quiet organized lifestyle has been rippled with strangers trying their best to annoy and disrupt my peace. I ignored it all. Their malice deeds will be dealt with swiftly by Karma. Its universal law that we as humans cannot control nor stop. I learned this years ago when I was a young girl living in New York City. My Mom taught me how to keep a positive energy and to never put anything negative into the universe because it will come back 10 time worse to me,. I have lived by this belief my entire life. Today, I still use caution to ensure I am not doing anything negative or anything hurtful to anyone. I try my best to be mindful of my choices and actions. But dealing with this current Society in America, where too many people are living their worst life, going around doing bad deeds and hurting others without any justification is messing up the universe, This is why all of these bad deeds are seen everyday. We have the power within each of Us to change,. We have the power to put positive deeds into the universe to get back a healthy balance. It all starts with the choices we make each and everyday. I still have hope that Society will begin this healing and stop all the hurt and pain we endure everyday. And to the the People who began their bad deeds towards me, I hope you understand all the bad you done will eventually come back to you ten times worst, Just as my Momma taught me when I was just a little girl.

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