Please Stop Victim Blaming

On Saturday I was a victim of a crime! Two Black Teens pulled a gun on me in Henry County. The aftermath, Manager, Jeana Young from the company Chandler Residential, Inc Colton Creek told me “I have no concrete evidence” that these Teens pulled a gun on me! When I asked her for help. Only thing that saved my life was my gun. I have my concealed carry permit! They ran away when they see I was armed Every since I have not slept nor eaten! I’m 47 yrs old and I have never had a gun pulled out on me in a menacing way! The blatant disregard to me and my life, I feel like this company Employee pulled a gun on me again! 😭 As a Black woman we get no empathy when crimes is committed against Us! This woman, Manager at Colton Creek treated me as if I was lying about this crime when security is her company responsibilities! Also, I posted on Ring and they had the message deleted! So, I’m on my page Telling my story! Victim blaming is the worst feeling in the World! I pray everyday and I also cry thinking my life could of been gone in an instant like that! Trauma is too much and I’m still crying! I’m grateful God still have plans for my life!! I hope the Teens get caught!

I hope that victim blaming stops. Personally, I never look at victims as the issue when crimes is committed against them. Now, that I’m a victim I understand the importance of not blaming the victim. The person who did the crime is the responsible one! They don’t understand or care about the emotional damage they put on the victims of their crimes.

I’m just grateful I’m alive. To my Attackers Justice will come and you will be caught! The photos is of the two Teens that pulled a gun on me.

Suspects who pulled gun on my taking photos of my door

Please pray for me.

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